• Publish date: August 31, 2021

  • Last update: October 01, 2021

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In this course, you will learn the foundation of Infor EPM, which assists you in analysing data, allowing you to measure past and current performance and, from there, confidently budget, plan, and forecast your future activities.

About EPM-1 - Infor EPM Basic

You Will Learn

In this course, EPM-1, you will learn the foundations of Infor EPM, from dashboards to self-service, Infor EPM mobile apps, and more, which will help you appreciate its power.

Infor EPM

Infor EPM combines modern intelligent business tools and financial performance management capabilities into one EPM software solution, thus enabling you to focus on analysing rather than gathering data.


Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) is the core of any business, a series of business processes that link strategy with operations, measure performance against objectives, and produce actionable insights for desired results.

Who should take this course?

In this course, you will learn…

Infor EPM is delivered through Infor's Modern Data Architecture, which leverages shared Infor OS services such as industry-leading Birst BI and Analytics for more comprehensive and advanced analysis. This enables you to answer any business question on the fly in a user-friendly, self-service interface.

Before experiencing the power of this solution, let's go over its fundamentals.

  • Chapter 1 - Welcome

  • Chapter 2 - Infor EPM Foundation

    This chapter will cover foundational information, including how to access d/EPM and navigate around the system.

  • Chapter 3 - Infor EPM Dashboards

    Dashboards offer an instant snapshot of a company's current financial health and performance. Infor EPM provides multiple dashboards with no restrictions on format or content, accessible via web or mobile. In this chapter, let's explore this capability and how to create one to suit your needs.

  • Chapter 4 - Infor EPM Self Service

    Self-service allows you to use a predefined set of analysis modules or a set of charts to create your own dashboards. In this course, let's uncover relationships and data trends from any data sources with Infor EPM self-service ability.

  • Chapter 5 - Infor Mobile Apps on IOS and Android Devices

    This course will explore the Infor EPM app, which is available on both iOS and Android. With this app, you can create dashboards featuring charts, graphics, and maps, allowing you to gain insights even when you are on the go and have uninterrupted access.

Why take this course?

Let's talk about "taking the drama out of your monthly close." Many finance professionals experience stress and uncertainty during their monthly close and are often in constant catch-up mode.

  • Business operations are also becoming more complex, resulting in more data from multiple systems. Too many manual processes and re-keying of data to get it into a common format only add to the delay.

  • With Infor EPM, you can better meet your deadlines and have greater confidence in the value and accuracy of your results.

  • The solution will allow you to focus on improving your overall business operations, create realistic financial and operational plans, distribute your budget, close your books with less stress, forecast your company's future performance, and get quick answers about business performance.

  • You can also comply with regulations and requirements more easily and align your finances with day-to-day operations.

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