• Publish date: April 06, 2022

  • Last update: April 06, 2022

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This course will guide you through an overview of Infor OS, accessing SunSystems through Infor OS, changing your password, and navigating the Business Unit and Budget Ledger. Additionally, you will learn how to navigate around SunSystems to enhance your user experience.

About SAAS-1 - Infor SaaS - SunSystems Login/Logout - End users

As such, SAAS-1 is a vital course, as it lays the foundation for you to advance further and faster in future coures. After completing this short course, you will be able to explain SunSystems Cloud and Infor OS to anyone interested.

SunSystems Cloud

SunSystems Cloud (SunSystems 7/ SaaS) is a cloud-based financial management software providing powerful accounting and financial management capabilities. With SunSystems Cloud, businesses can easily manage their financial operations and streamline their accounting processes.

Infor OS

Infor OS, on the other hand, is a cloud-based operating service that provides a unified and secure platform for businesses to manage their operations. It offers a suite of tools and services to help businesses streamline their workflows, automate their processes, and collaborate more effectively.


Together, SunSystems Cloud and Infor OS provide your business with a comprehensive and scalable financial management solution that can help streamline your accounting processes, improve financial operations, and make more informed business decisions.

Who should take this course?

In this course, you will learn…

The SunSystems Cloud you are about to experience may look different from previous versions of SunSystems that you access via a web browser. The slight dissimilarity lies in the interface and user experience, with the Cloud version providing a more modern and user-friendly design.

SAAS-1 is a vital course as it covers essential topics such as accessing SunSystems through Infor OS, changing passwords, managing business units and budgets, and exploring the home page.
  • Chapter 1 - Welcome

  • Chapter 2 - Foundation

    In this chapter, you will explore different functionalities through individual lessons, each focusing on a specific topic. If you feel overwhelmed by the amount of information provided, don't worry! To help you solidify your understanding, we have included interactive exercises and a learning check at the end of this chapter. These exercises will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to apply the key functionalities effectively in your daily work.

Why take this course?

Knowing how to log in and out of a system, change passwords, set up business units, navigate menus, and perform other basic functions is essential to improving productivity.

  • These functions are necessary for accessing and using any system, whether it is financial management software like SunSystems Cloud or any other software used in your organisation. Without a proper log-in, you cannot access the system or perform any functions within.

  • Moreover, being proficient in these basic functions allows you to work more efficiently, save time, and ensure the security and integrity of your organisation's data.

  • Not to mention, understanding how to perform these functions can also help you troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

  • With SAAS-1, you will need to go back to the basics to learn how to access SunSystems and Infor OS. By completing the SAAS-1 course, you will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to navigate SunSystems and Infor OS, ultimately improving your financial operations and making more informed business decisions.

Course curriculum

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  • 1


    • Welcome

    • Notes

  • 2


    • Introduction

    • Infor OS (Ming.le) Overview

    • Access SunSystems through Infor OS (Ming.le)

    • SunSystems Home Page & Navigation

    • Change Password

    • Change Business Unit

    • Change Budget

    • Hands-on: Access SunSystems through Infor OS (Ming.Le), Navigate the Home Page, Change Password, Business Unit and Budget

    • Hands-on: Access SunSystems through Infor OS (Ming.Le), Navigate the Home Page, Change Password, Business Unit and Budget with instructions

    • Learning check

  • 3

    Summary & Next Steps

    • What happens next?

    • Help us improve your learning experience