• Publish date: February 9, 2023

  • Last update: February 9, 2023

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SOXBOX is a toolset that works alongside and notifies all the "unusual" activities happening in SunSystems according to the rules you set. This course provides an overview of SOXBOX and instructions to configure its rule process.

About SOXBOX-1 - Rule Processing

In this course, you will take a closer look at SOXBOX and understand how to configure essential components like rules, parameters, and conditions in this practical toolset.


SOXBOX is a toolset that provides an additional layer of control and security to Infor SunSystems. It ensures that all changes to SunSystems' configuration and process settings are tracked, recorded, and reported.

Regulations and Standards

This helps you maintain regulatory compliance with various regulations and standards, including the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), and effectively manage the risks associated with their financial operations.

Who should take this course?

In this course, you will learn…

SOXBOX enables you maintain strict internal controls over their financial operations. It provides a reliable and efficient way to ensure all SunSystems' configuration and process settings stay in check, helping you maintain regulatory compliance and effectively manage their financial risks. To fully utilise SOXBOX, let's first lay down the basis by learning how to set business rules, parameters, conditions, and more in this foundation course.
  • Chapter 1 - Welcome

  • Chatper 2 - Foundation

    In this chapter, you will learn about the fundamental concepts of SOXBOX, such as login and logout procedures, user roles and permissions, and SOXBOX features. Understanding these concepts is crucial to ensuring a seamless experience with the solution.

  • Chapter 3 - Core Analysis

    There are many critical components in SOXBOX. In this chapter, you will learn how to configure rule parameters for processing core template rules, logic rules, and tolerance rules. You will also learn how to set pass conditions for business units (BU) and enterprises, process rules by BU, view rule status by BU, and manage SOXBOX UI settings.

Why take this course?

  • SOXBOX is like a security system for your house that notifies you of any irregularities or intruders. However, for the security system to do its job and work how and when it is supposed to, you need to correctly set it up.

  • The step-by-step instructions and hands-on exercises in this course will help you streamline all the necessary groundwork so you can have a functioning system, maintain compliance, and have one less headache to worry about.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome

    • Lesson Notes

  • 2


  • 3

    Rule Process Configuration

    • Introduction

    • Configure rule parameters to process Core Template Rules

    • Configure rule parameters to process Logic Rules

    • Configure rule parameters to process Tolerance Rules

    • Set Passed Conditions by BU

    • Set Passed Conditions by Enterprise

    • Administer SOXBOX UI Settings

    • Learning check

  • 4

    Summary & Next Steps

    • What happens next?

    • Help Us Improve Your Learning Experience

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