This course is for

If you seek to learn every knowledge of Infor SunSystems from fixed assets, financials general ledger, financials accounts payable, accounts receivables to security console .

If you are new to Infor SunSystems and would like to be provided with key concept as a very foundation for you to embark on the journey with it, then this course is for you.

  • Financial Controllers

  • General Accountant

  • Accountant Payables

  • Accountant Receivables

  • Fixed Assets Accountant

  • Sales Accountant

  • Inventory Accountant

  • System Administrator

What you'll get from this course

GEN-01 is about 2 hours long and we will walk you through 12 concepts of SunSystems. To wrap up and solidify what you have learned, we have a Learning Check Quiz at the end for you.

  • 3 Chapters

  • 16 Lessons

  • 15 Videos

  • 1 Learning Check

  • Duration: 2 hours

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome

    • Notes

  • 2


    • Chapter Introduction

    • Modular

    • Combined Ledgers

    • Multi-Dimensional Analysis

    • Multicurrency

    • Open Periods / Dates

    • Multiple Company

    • Budget Ledgers

    • Open System

    • Integration

    • Multilingual

    • Multi-Book

    • Business Rules

    • Learning check

  • 3

    Next Steps

    • What happens next?

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Why take this course

This introduction course to SunSystems is a great option if you tend to feel unskilled due to lack of training and experience.

We designed this course so you can pause and take thorough notes or even re-watch parts you didn’t quite understand the first time.

  • The flexibility of TRG Academy can be extremely helpful to professionals working from home.

  • Students who would like to be certified and be qualified for a job.

  • And individuals who would like to have a library of knowledge refreshments.

  • If you seek to get professional training independent of location & time constraint

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